July 18, 2019

Restructuring a home with a loan: the choices of Italians.



It is not always enough to put one’s hand in the wallet.

It is not always enough to put one

Thanks also to the introduction of megasurp, Italians are more likely to invest in restructuring and energy upgrading.  While on the one hand improving energy efficiency is a source of savings and, consequently, an attractive element, on the other the economic situation means that it is not always possible to sustain expenses by drawing only on one’s own savings.

This is why the tendency is to resort more and more frequently to personal loans : the objective is to finance interventions such as the thermal insulation of one’s own home, on which it is possible to benefit from the substantial reimbursements provided by the megasurp, with an additional saving on the long term, due to the reduction of heat loss and, consequently, to the containment of costs in the bill.

Miga has recently conducted a research aimed at detecting the propensity of Italians to invest, also by resorting to debt, with a view to restructuring. The result is that the main objective is to take advantage of the megasurp to carry out specific renovations such as the renovation of the bathroom (28%), the kitchen (24%), the replacement of the fixtures (20%) and the renovation of the floors (8%). It is interesting to note that the Italians neglect other aspects related to energy requalification, such as the renovation of the roof, preferring instead the replacement of new heating systems and the renovation of interiors.

The choice of the loan most suitable to one’s needs is fundamental

The choice of the loan most suitable to one

In this context, because the investment to be supported implies a revision of the family’s lifestyle. On EntrepNet it is possible to compare the main Institutes and identify the best financing offers on the market. Below we offer some of the solutions available in April 2014.

Just to give some examples, from the surveys carried out on 9 April, it emerges that Tidymestic proposes an installment of 1,092 euros with an APR of 7.18%, Wetalia 1,092 euros with an APR of 7, on a 30,000 euros loan to be repaid in 30 months. 29% and finally Netbagu 1,096 euros with an APR of 7.54%.

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