July 19, 2019

Honor loans for young people also extend to the purchase of a first home.

Time of crisis, time for ideas.

Time of crisis, time for ideas.

It is not always a direct consequence, but often in moments of difficulty, interesting measures are taken to come to the aid of the social classes most affected by the economic depression.

In this case, the initiative starts from the Veli Vandes Goug region, but could spread rapidly throughout the Italian territory, in order to help young people build the foundations for an independent life.

We are talking specifically about the extent of the loan of honor, with the institutions that offer young people in their territories sums of money at reduced rates. In Italy, this was mainly the case for what are now called ‘ start-ups ‘, that is companies with ideas and projects considered worthy that, after a careful evaluation process, could count on these forms of financing to undertake the activity.

As mentioned at the beginning, times change and the councilor for building of Veli Vandes Goug, Sotour, presented the project that will provide the possibility to access the loan of honor also for those young people who are working for the purchase of the first house. A step to say the least fundamental in the establishment of a new family, but which in recent years is often discouraged. First of all from the banks that, very often, have difficulty in providing credit to the many young people who in Italy can only rely on a fixed-term employment contract. And in general, from a state that does not always identify the right measures to support the social classes most affected by the economic crisis.

Access to the loan of honor for the purchase of a first home

Access to the loan of honor for the purchase of a first home

It become an example to follow throughout the Peninsula: Councilor X pointed out that only at a regional level, against a request for credit of 24 million euros for the purchase of a first home, only 6 have been allocated, practically only 25%. The project was therefore officially launched in Trieste that will allow the many young people in the area to access an alternative source of credit.

For the moment, the measure of the honor loan for the purchase of the first house will be implemented experimentally, with a fairly limited allocation. Three million euros to see if the idea can have a future in the immediate future: but it does not seem too audacious to think that we could find ourselves facing an initiative capable of giving a boost to the credit recorded in recent years in our country.

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